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We, at Respirit Pilates, believe that the next generation faces enormous challenges when it comes to placing  exercising as top priority. This is why we have created our kid and teen classes to educate our children`s body in an efficient and mindful, yet fun way so that they become conscious of their movement and posture also for the daily life. 

If you are in the search of a leisure sport activity to balance all the sitting in the school with some conscious moves rather than competitive sport, bring them to any of our classes. 

KIDZ ` MIX for 5-9-year-olds
A fusion class incorporating elements of dance, functional moves and Pilates to cover kids' movement needs at this age. Their balance, full-body control and concentration will be challenged in a fun way to prepare them for more conscious body work later. 

On Thursdays at 17.00, in English, as of 21 September 2017
Free trial class on 14 September 

PILATES POUR ADOLESCENTS for 10-16-year-olds
Pilates has proven benefits to improve physical and mental performance for young adults. This class will introduce them to the principles of Pilates and conscious movement in a fun way, training muscles they have never imagined that exist.  :D

On Tuesdays at 17.20, in French, as of 19 September 2017
Free trial class on 12 September. 

Only 12 places available for each class, registration needed. 
Subscription to the whole school trimester (no class during school holidays) 

16€ per class.



Giorgio Trappolini

Pilates & Fascia

​3-dimensional Pilates

11-12 May 2018

Instructor Training 2018

Comprehensive certification

Pilates Stretch

Tuesdays at 19.45 in English