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We truly honour and love Joseph Pilates’ original work. As tribute, our teaching is in principle based on the Classical Pilates repertoire when it comes to the exercises themselves and the exercise order. However, we may also apply modifications to the traditional exercises or throw in contemporary work to teach you the basic principles, guide you better towards ideal execution or to challenge your attained strength.

Currently we have the following classes on our menu:

mat classes, apparatus classes, mat class for teens, prenatal mat and apparatus class, Iyengar yoga

Private vs Collective classes

  • Private classes allow your instructor to tailor your workout to your specific needs, requirements and goals. These may be corrective or rehabilitation needs or aim to progress and challenge you with more advanced work. In these classes you will mostly use all available apparatus, but you will also be introduced to the mat exercises repertoire. Private classes are offered on solo and duo basis, primarily in English, or French if so requested.​
  • Collective classes are designed for an open group setting and will not be specific to corrective or rehabilitation work. To attend group classes you must be healthy and free from any serious injury. We request and supervise that you attend the class fitting to your level to prevent injury. Respecting this policy you will also respect your fellow students as well as your instructor, who adapts her teaching to the average level of the class. Please always consult your instructor whether it is safe for you to progress to the next level.

      Collective classes are offered on three levels for the moment: 

           - Foundation (F) – no or very little experience, medical issues, pregnancy

           - Beginner (B) – min. 15-20 classes followed at Foundation level, vocabulary and fundamental exercises are clear

           - Intermediate (I) – 2-4 years of experience

     Advanced (A) level requiring 4+ years experience will be introduced later.

     Occasionally, you may find mixed level classes in the schedule to help you with safe progression.

     Collective classes are primarily taught in English for the time being.

Apparatus vs Mat classes

  • Mat classes will guide you through Joseph Pilates’ floor series. Sometimes we will work with small equipment, such as weights, balls, sticks, elastics and rollers to deepen your understanding of the exercise objectives or to futher challenge you. To provide you with high quality teaching, these classes currently accommodate max. 10-12 people, depending on the level.
  • Working against spring resistance on the apparatus Pilates designed is a unique experience, rendering you a full body conditioning workout. Currently you can try the Reformers, exercises of the Cadillac and the Chair. These classes are small, for max. 3 people. To achieve the greatest benefits of these apparatus, we highly recommend that you follow at least 3-5 collective mat classes or 1-2 private sessions before starting your collective apparatus workout.