​Piroska Balla,  Corpus Pilates instructor, studio owner

Piroska, or as many know her Piri,  used to dedicate most of her free time to training intensively various gymnastics-related sports, such as Callanetics, dance- and box aerobics and even weight lifting. Her attention, however, turned to Pilates in 2006 after she had been injured during a workout and also learnt about how high-impact training can adversely affect a woman’s body. Ever since Pilates has become part of her life; making her experience its true benefits as complete mind and body training, also during and after pregnancy.
After working in the field of international disaster relief for 13 years, she has decided on a carrier change to pursue her passion and to help people attain healthier bodies. She has certified under the guidance of master trainer Kelly McKinnon of Corpus Studios in Brussels.  
She is a also lawyer and earlier had a carrier in international disaster relief. She teaches in English, French and Hungarian but also speaks Italian. 

Coralie Trovato, POP Pilates teacher, Corpus Pilates apprentice teacher

​POP Pilates is a mat-based total body workout which combines the strength and beauty of classical Pilates moves to the beat and energy of pop music. After searching and experimenting various workouts Coralie fell in love with POP Pilates because it gave her the strength, flexibility and confidence she was looking for but mostly because she had FUN. Now, Coralie wants to inspire people to live a better, healthier life and find their inner balance and happiness. She loves Nature, French literature, travelling the world, tasting different type of cuisines and spending time with her family and friends. She is also very interested in Classical Pilates, yoga and she practises meditation daily. Coralie teaches in English and French. 

Mauro Altomare, Polestar and Balanced Body Pilates instructor

​Mauro est certifié par les plus grandes écoles internationales de Pilates et il a près`que 20 ans d`experience comme instructeur. Il est spécialisé dans le domaine de la rééducation et il aime utiliser des éléments du yoga, des méthodes Feldenkrais et Gyrotonic dans ses cours collectifs et privés. Il renforce notre équipe francophone.

Mauro has been certified by the most renown international Pilates schools and has almost 20 years of teaching experience. He is specialized in rehabilitation and enriches his collective and private classes with elements of yoga, the Feldenkrais and the Gyrotonic method. He reinforces our French-speaking team as of November 2016. 

Our featured class this month

Floriane Palmier,  Iyengar Yoga teacher

​​​Since I discovered Yoga, I have been following the path of a fantastic inward journey that allows me to discover layer by layer who I really am. Daily practice gives me strength and awareness that helps me in my daily life. After several years of dedicated practice, I decided to share with others what I consider to be a blessing.
In 2013, I completed the initial 3-year IYENGARⓇ Yoga teacher training with Sricharan Faeq Biria in the Iyengar Yoga Center Paris and was awarded my first Iyengar teaching certificate signed by Yogacharia BKS Iyengar. Since then I have continued my ongoing training in France and in India, followed by further Iyengar yoga certifications. I have been to Pune, India to study with the Iyengar family at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute (RIMYI) several times. 
I have been teaching classes and workshops in Paris since 2011.
My teaching is precise and compassionate, demanding yet with a bit of humour and I'm enjoying coming to Luxembourg to share my passion for Iyengar Yoga.

Olena Voronyuk, Polestar Pilates instructor

Lena, as many know her, used to be a member of the Ukranian national dance team as a child and has always remained passionate about various dance-related sports and arts. She discovered yoga and Pilates while a teenager and realized that training her body with awareness and control would give her even better alignment and freedom in her moves. 

After graduating in international business management in the Netherlands she realized she wanted to share the power of the Pilates method to help people improve their lives. She is a certified mat Pilates instructor under Polestar Pilates, a leading provider of rehabilitation-based Pilates education. She is currently completing her teacher training on apparatus with master trainer Kelly McKinnon of Corpus Studios Brussels.  Lena teaches in English, Russian and Ukrainian. 

Pacuta José, Corpus Pilates instructor

José, après des années de vélo dans les Alpes françaises a rencontré le Pilates grâce à sa compagne. La méthode lui a paru très intéressante afin de compléter ses séances de fitness qu’il réalise quotidiennement depuis 8 ans.
Il veut maintenant partager le bien-être physique et mental qu’apporte la méthode Pilates avec toutes les personnes désireuses de se sentir bien dans leur corps, en les soulageant de leurs problèmes physiques, et dans leur esprit.
Avant il était ingénieur chez Rolls Royce à Grenoble en France et est aujourd'hui installé au Luxembourg avec sa compagne et leur deux petits chiens. 

Pilates & Fascia

​3-dimensional Pilates

11-12 May 2018

Instructor Training 2018

Comprehensive certification

Pilates Stretch

Tuesdays at 19.45 in English

Marina Massari, Corpus Pilates teacher

“Get involved with the Apparatus. Fall in love with the Mat” - this is Marina’s motto, as well as, in short, her love story with the Pilates method.

After 33 years of lower back troubles, constant pain and limitations in everyday life, in 2011 she had her first Pilates lesson and, as in many other romance stories, her life changed. Only few weeks later her conditions improved to such an extent that since then she has never stopped to train. She now runs half marathons, rides race-bike and scuba-dives without any trouble.
Marina is now training with Master Trainer Kelly McKinnon of Corpus Studios with the aim to help others change their lives, too, with Pilates, because “Return to life” is not only one of the most famous Joseph Pilates writings, but something that can really happen to all of us.
Marina has being living in Luxembourg since 2010. She teaches in English, French and Italian. 



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