Our youth programme

End of summer


15 August - 15 September


as of 4 September

Our prenatal classes will help you improve your posture, strengthen your muscles to carry the extra weight and bear all the physical demands of motherhood, tone your pelvic floor and increase your body awareness, a very useful skill for labour and quick recovery.

Our classes are held by Mauro in French for the moment. 

On the mat: Tuesdays at 18.30 and Saturdays at 09.15 (max 6 people)

On apparatus: Thursdays at 14.00 (min. 2 max 4 people)

Private prenatal classes are available on request. 

Let us share your joy

Motherhood is undeniably the most exciting and rewarding experience in any woman’s life. However, while pregnancy is a natural condition and your body is highly intelligent to naturally adapt itself for the development and birth of a baby, these adaptions are not without challenges. With each single systems of your body affected, you will be physically, mentally and emotionally stretched. Therefore, the better prepared you are, the better chance you will have to manage your pregnancy, labour and, very importantly also your new life as a mother.


Thursdays at 17.oo in English

Pilates pour Ados

mardi a 17.20 en français

all our collective classes sold on Honoured Client prices​​


to get yours

​I was more than happy to restart my Pilates classes at 14-week pregnant to get rid of my severe back pain that returned during the inactive first trimester, and continued exercising until two weeks before my due date. Piroska went all out for finding the best ways of exercising no matter of my actual shape, limitations and moods through it all. No-one is more surprised than myself about how well my body coped with my first pregnancy, which I believe is due in large parts to Pilates. Piroska`s pelvic floor exercises we included in our sessions are amazing. According to my physiotherapist I technically did not need any re-education as my pelvic floor did not show any signs of having ever been pregnant. Pregnancy Pilates at Respirit were a very fun way to stay connected with my changing body day-to-day and it surely made my pregnancy a richer experience. (Nora, 32)

​​Staying active throughout your pregnancy is of outmost importance. It can, however, be hard to find an exercise regime that is safe enough, but yet effective, challenging and enjoyable.  It may therefore be to your relief to know that Pilates can easily be adapted for you as a pregnant woman and your evolving shape; it is actually said to be the perfect form of exercising throughout this happy period of your life .... and even beyond.